Digital product on demand.

From a presentation website to a fully custom piece of software, Ghostbit is all you need.

about ghostbit

Your software taskforce

Ghostbit is a team of software developers and designers ready to deliver the digital product you or your company needs.

Mobile, desktop, web or alien language, you name it, we code it.
From Portugal, with love.

"We use ghosts to scare away the bugs on our code."


How we roll

Want to know how to work with us ? Explore the process bellow.

Present us your idea 

First things first ! Send us a message via this website or any of our social media, we’ll get to you really quick and schedule a meeting for you to show us your vision (every word you say is kept under strict confidentiality laws).

After a few days of thinking about your idea we will have a price for it, so we schedule a second meeting in which we present the value and explain what our approach will be.

If our plan is accepted we step into development phase,
if not, we’ll repeat the process untill everything is perfect 🙂

Let’s code !

The moment we write our first line of code marks your product’s birth, and you will be there watching every part of it !

We keep a very close proximity with the client during this phase, everything is done accordingly to every briefing we had with you.

There’s nothing a programmer enjoys more than having a bug-free code, but after that comes costumer happiness ! 😛


And here you have it

On this day birds chant with characteristic joy. We handle you the “keys” of your new piece of software.

After this we won’t abandon you, we will continue to give full time support within our maintenance agreement.

Ghostbit will allways be here to handle you the tools you need for success.


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